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Game Science Part 1 of 2

Part 1:Colonel Louis Zocchi explains dice manufacturing and why Game Science dice are better than all the rest! Informative and fun for all dice fanatics. Part 2: … Zocchihedron role-playing dice manufacturing gamestation

Video posted by: lwitten48

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Comments & Feedback on "Game Science Part 1 of 2"

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25 Responses to “Game Science Part 1 of 2”

  1. pimanrules Says:

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    Great video, but it was very annoying how he kept saying “dice” when he should have said “die.”

  2. Skyline0000000 Says:

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    what a useless stuff

  3. salsatheone Says:

    Create a video blog

    I’ve just made some portuguese subtitles for the video, I’ve uploaded the video on my account with them but I’ll feel better if they were added to this video, I don’t like re-uploading other people’s work.

  4. salsatheone Says:

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    I wish there was an e-mail at their website so I could simply say how thankful I am, I’ve just bought the dice that shine in the dark and I’m impressed about how perfect his work is.

  5. Sinvey Says:

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    totally agree – he’s got that “friendly uncle who understands my hobby” aura about him

  6. richiechickennuggets Says:

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    i love how excited he is by this!
    gotta admire anyone whos going to devote their life to something so specific, its fascinating.

  7. HXCJake Says:


    Picked up a set of opaque dice from this company this week. I’m loving them so far. Very old school feel. Bit of a pain to get the numbers filled in though, mine haven’t dried yet.

  8. Sinvey Says:

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    My gaming group is about to order dice from him for 94 dollars. Damn. 😀

    He’s got awesome colours, tho. Instant love.

  9. andythebobb Says:

    Create a video blog…instantly.

    i own these dice and they are the best dice i have ever owned though i believe that last year at Gencon was his last year in business if i heard right though don’t quote me on that

  10. kirby19711 Says:

    Very interesting Lou, thanks!!

  11. coldclammybombing Says:

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    good video and great information. well done without sounding like a jerk.

  12. jackthecoolest Says:


    lol 100%

  13. 333browski Says:

    Create a video blog…instantly.

    David Bowie Little China Girl.
    OMG this vids only part 1 of 2!!! I did about 1/4 an just woke up! Feel bad now I said that…………Sorry Mr Dice purist.

  14. IDoubleSpy Says:

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    song name please :)

  15. 912podcast Says:


    OMG, give me those ten minutes back

  16. KnuckleKnuts Says:

    Create a video blog

    This guy could make wet bread interesting.

  17. ScytheNoire Says:


    I don’t need any dice, but I want to buy dice from him.

  18. jfbguy Says:

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    I can’t believe I watched that whole video. He is extremely convincing. I kind of want to buy some dice from him.

  19. Scarabus82 Says:


    He sure looks like a successful business man.

  20. gtrunner2 Says:

    im sold LOL

  21. monkeypuncher247 Says:


    I had no idea you could be a dice fanatic…

  22. ponedonkey Says:

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    I have a d20 by him, it’s amazing.
    It has really sharp edges, and the numbers aren’t filled in.

  23. ponedonkey Says:


    Also, Why can’t he say die?

  24. contraryjerrystudios Says:

    amazon if its not too late

  25. MidnightRayn Says:

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    werd this joe knows his die.

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