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Casino Craps, The Mathmatics.

? Cu? Are the chances? ? Cu? What are the best thing to do? ? this is the first in a series, which includes c? mo play, inside tips, systems, and where to play.

Video posted by: jimsmoments

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7 Responses to “Casino Craps, The Mathmatics.”

  1. MicrotekMybisi Says:

    Create a video blog

    Nice, Thank you for posting Sir!

  2. EthernetKid Says:

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  3. rossc2 Says:


    You’re ignorant

  4. PartyGamingPlc Says:

    im sorry, but not spelling mathematics right just loses all respect for this video.

  5. motorcitystevo Says:

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    Take $5, say all the hardways heavy on the 10.Then when they hit, parlay the bet. If they hit again you’ll win either $80 $100 or $128. 5 dollar risk,what the hell right? If you are successful at this technique,you will have a good chance at becoming a degenerate gambler and drug addict.

  6. jayvee408 Says:

    Create a video blog…instantly.

    Just got back from Reno last night from a weekend stay..learned the basics of the game over the last two days.. my girl friend and I had so much fun!! we actually paid for our trip… looking forward to playing more.. this video is really helpful! thanks!

  7. keeneypr Says:

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    I always laugh when someone is playing a big bet on the pass line with hardly any or no odds. C’mon people! Odds are the best bet on the table — no juice for the house at all.

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